Sex Signs & Compatibility Pleasure Guide
Sex Signs & Compatibility Pleasure Guide
Sex Signs & Compatibility Pleasure Guide
Sex Signs & Compatibility Pleasure Guide
Sex Signs & Compatibility Pleasure Guide

Sex Signs & Compatibility Pleasure Guide

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Whether you are single, dating, or in a current relationship this book will guide you as you create more pleasure in your life. If you want to have toe curling fun and mind-blowing orgasms, it starts with knowing your own body and it is heightened by your ability to express what you like, love, and dislike. This book will be your guide as you explore the world of sex around you to create the sex life and relationship(s) of your dreams.

This book is definitely for you if you desire...
  1. To improve the intimacy and sexual satisfaction in your relationships.
  2. To be more confident when exploring and articulating your own intimate needs and deepest desires.
  3. To have greater accuracy and speed in identifying sexually compatible dating prospects.
This guide will assist you in identifying the opportunities and obstacles that exist on your path and deepening your relationship with yourself, your sexuality, and your lovers. You will literally watch yourself transform as you step into the knowledge of the spectrum of sex, find your current place on that spectrum, and understand the intimate needs and deepest desires of your lovers and dating prospects. 

If you are single: 

This book will...
  • Enhance your relationship with your own sexuality 
  • Improve your sexual confidence and vocabulary
  • Increase your understanding of the spectrum of sexual preferences, acts and fantasies that exist in the world
  • Expand your interactions with friends, love interests and people that you meet
Sex Signs are a great conversation starter that allow people to talk about sex in a more normalized and interesting manner. 

If you are dating:

This book will do everything that it does for single individuals but in addition it will...
  • Enhance your ability to find a sexually compatible mate
  • Provide you with tools and ideas for having sexual compatibility discussions earlier in the dating process without sending the message that you are only looking to have sex 
Finding a partner that is willing to mutually understand your Sexual Pleasure Map, and who will work with you to make sure that your sex life is great will be an incredible asset to the success and happiness in your life! This guide will help you choose lovers who are better suited for you, in both the short and long-term. 

If you are in a relationship or marriage:

This book will do everything that it does for single individuals, but in addition it will...
  • Enhance your ability to create deeper intimacy and connection with your mate
  • Increase your knowledge of your partner's intimate needs and deepest desires
  • Provide games and tools that will create a safe environment for sexual exploration and fun
Grandma always said, "relationship problems are largely solved in the bedroom." There is a definite "Orgasm Gap" in society between men and women. Even in same-sex relationships, a lack of understanding can create intimacy gaps or pleasure gaps in our sexual experiences. Having the tools and common language to work through sexual disconnects can and will have a profound impact on the mutual satisfaction and endurance of your connection.  

If you are a Sexpert, Dating or Relationship Coach or Therapist:

This book will...
  • Enhance your ability to provide amazing guidance, coaching or therapy
  • Connect with your clients/patients in a unique and interesting way
  • Provide a additional tools and language for working on their sexuality at home
  • By recommending this book, you'll gain opportunities for deeper discussions in subsequent sessions or meetings

The author is the founder and CEO of one of the largest sex-positive platforms online. Her 20+ years in health and wellness combined with her 5 years of pioneering the adult sexual education and SexTech industry have given her unique insights into how to approach improving this critical area of our lives.