How To Become A Squirter

A woman’s body is an amazing thing. Its pleasure potential is virtually limitless. With the capacity for multiple orgasms and no need for a refractory period between them, we are the true sex machines. The sheer magnitude of feminine erotic power may have no greater display than female ejaculation, aka squirting.

A mainstay of porn, squirting is not very well understood by the medical community. There is little consensus on what the fluid is and whether or not any woman can do it. What we do know is that squirting feels good for a woman and trying to learn how to do it can be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

If you want an expert guide with video tutorials you can check out Jessica Drakes, Guide to Wicked Sex - Female Ejaculation.

So how do you become a squirter? Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, try these tips.

1. Pee First

The sensations experienced right before a squirt can feel very similar to the feeling of needing to pee. If you’re new to squirting, this can take some getting used to. So do yourself a favor and empty your bladder before you begin.

2. Don’t Worry About What The Squirting Fluid Is

Medical experts disagree on what it is that squirters squirt. Some say it’s a milky white fluid secreted by the Skene’s gland. Others insist it’s just plain old urine. Since the people whose job it is to know don’t seem to know, there’s no reason you should expect to. So try not to worry about it. If you’re feeling good and having fun, it makes no difference what the exact chemical composition of your fluid is. So give yourself permission not to care.

3. Prepare to Get Wet

Taking a few steps to deal with your deluge may help you to relax and go with the flow. So try throwing a few towels down on the bed to absorb any gushing. If you’re especially tidy, a waterproof squirting blanket or sheets will ensure your bed stays clean and dry. You can also just move this operation into the shower to make sure everything goes straight down the drain. This also gives you the bonus of warm water relaxation, shower head massage capabilities, soapy stimulation, and easy access to cleanup once you’re done. The shower is an ideal location if you don’t mind standing.

4. Stimulate the G-Spot

Now that you’re ready to get down to business, proceed as you normally would, whether that’s with gentle caresses to the face or light slaps to the nipples. Everyone’s different so do what you need to do to get good and wet. Once you’re there, begin stimulating the labia and clitoris to build intensity. When you’re ready, start working the G-Spot. One of the favorites for warming up the labia and the clitoris are "the wands," whether you prefer the classic Magic Wand or the newer and more petite Le Wand both are great for heightened sensitivity. 

If you haven’t yet found it, the female G-Spot is a sexually loaded mound of tissue located on the front wall of the vagina. It’s easiest to find it in someone else. So if you’re with a partner, ask them to insert a finger while they face you and feel for a spongy raspberry-like area inside you. Once they find it, they should crook their finger in a “come here” gesture, applying as much pressure as you enjoy. Lots of squirters need a fair amount of pressure to make it happen, so pay attention to your body and tell your partner if they need to back off a bit. But don’t be shy about asking them to apply more force if it feels good.

If you’re alone, finding the G-Spot is easier than stimulating it. So a specially shaped toy is recommended. Use your own fingers first to locate it. Once you know where it is, it’s easier to find it with a dildo or vibrator. Look for one designed for G-Spot stimulation like this Cuddle G-Spot Vibe from Kiiroo. It will probably have a U shape to allow it to curve inside of you.

5. Engage the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Once you’ve set the G-Spot machine in motion, you’ll probably start feeling the urge to pee. This is a good sign. It means you’ve found the right spot and are stimulating nerves connected to your bladder, which is your G-Spot’s neighbor. Embrace the sensation and contract your pelvic floor muscles, squeezing as if trying not to pee. Then bear down as if trying to empty the bladder. Continue this cycle for as long as it feels good. To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles you can exercise with kegel balls

6. Let ‘Er Rip – Squirt Away!

When you’re at the peak of pleasure and your adrenaline is pumping and you feel like you’re ready to come, come hard. Don’t hold back. Scream. Clutch the sheets. Let loose. Squirting is 10% biology and 90% psychology. The best thing you can do to encourage your own personal geyser is refuse to hold back. So let it all out, honey.

7. Know When To Give It a Rest

Thanks to porn, squirting is definitely a thing. So try not to let it become a test for you. Like any orgasm, it’s a natural occurrence which can slip frustratingly out of your grasp if you make it a requirement. So approach squirting as an experiment in pleasure rather than a mission. An “It’s All Good” attitude is much more likely to achieve your result than a “Squirt At All Costs” mindset. So if you’re ready to come, come. And if you don’t squirt this time, try again later.

It’s especially important for any partner you try this with to be devoted to your orgasmic well being. If you feel pressured to perform, you won’t enjoy yourself. And even attentive lovers can get caught up in the need to make you squirt in order to prove that they’re great in bed. If you feel this, gently remind them that this is a new thing for you and you need to feel like any outcome is a good one.

With a little love and persistence, lots of women are able to teach themselves to squirt. Enjoy the process of learning about yourself and getting closer to anyone else involved. And remember that anything that feels good is always worth doing. So treat yourself tonight.

By: Jade Byrnell

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